Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alex's interview with Officer Mandel (a chapter cut in the final edits)

part 1

Brad impatiently tapped the open file on his desk. “You have to give me something here, Alex. Kramer’s just dying to implicate you.”

He scowled as the young man kept his eyes lowered to his clasped hands, the knuckles showing white as he fought some strong emotion.

Brad leaned across his desk. “Tell me,” he urged. He referred to the top sheet of the file. “It says here that Maggie Jonsan grew up in an isolated farmhouse outside of Oakton, Colorado. She was an intelligent enough child, but given to violent emotions and psychotic episodes. Her parents were able to keep this hidden for years by home-schooling her and limiting her exposure to other children.”

The officer glanced at Alex’s averted face. “Is this true? Is this the same Maggie Jonsan who was your mother?”

Alex finally looked at him, clearly rattled. “What does it matter? What does she have to do with any of this?”

“If we can show undue stress…” his voice trailed off as Alex sat back in his chair, shocked. Brad turned to the paper in his hand, discomfited. His expression darkened as he read the next line in the file...

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