Friday, May 28, 2010

Confessions of a Query Addict

I admit it, freely and without embarrassment. I’m a query-addict. I spend hours perusing the lists at the ‘Writer’s Market’ and ‘P&E’, trying to find that perfect fit for my manuscript. Then I find it. Eagerly I read over the submission guidelines. I sweat over my query letter, synopsis, and sample chapters for the umpteenth time. When everything is in order I tap the ‘send’ key with a wish for luck.
I wait for the reply with trembling hope. I check my ‘inbox’ two, three times a day, knowing, absolutely, that the website said 5-8 weeks for a reply. Then comes that glorious, frightening day when I receive a letter. I stare at the bracketed (1), heart pounding. Is this the one? Will my dreams be answered by this most wonderful publisher? Do they want MY book?
Nothing beats that rush of excitement when I open the letter and start to read. Though the replies have been mostly rejections, kindly put, there’s still that chance that the next letter will be the ONE! So I sit at my computer and browse websites and continue to send out my queries, anticipating the next reply.